Gydar Industries -Universal apps (UAP) for Windows 10 (PC, tablets and phone) Norwegian


Gydar Industries (GI) makes apps for Windows, and has been making apps since 2006.

Since this is the hobby of one person, the company is tiny and the "head-offices" is just a room in an appartment in Etterstad, Oslo, Norway.

Kontorlokalene til Gydar Industries

2006 - 2010 WINDOWS MOBILE 5.0 - 6.5

In the first phase 9 applications for Windows Mobile 5.0 - 6.5 was created. This was before any "app stores", and the apps was first only available as free downloads at XDA Developers.

When Windows Marketeplace was launched in 2009, all the apps was made available there, and in the summer of 2010 Gydar Industries had 5 of the top 10 apps in the Norwegian region of Windows Marketplace.


Trine NeslandAll my first apps was prefixed with 'Trine' and was also often called 'TrineSeries'. This was because the apps originally was created for my girlfriend at the time, Trine Nesland. The apps was just for her and me in the beginning.

Trine had in 2007 gotten a lot of duplicate contacts and appointments on her Samsung Windows phone, due to some Activesync-issues. This resulted in my first app, TrineFix.

It was so rewarding to make these apps for Trine who lighted up every time she got some new cool functionality on her phone, that I ended up putting more and more effort and time into these apps. And the rest is as they say, history :)

2010 - 2015 WINDOWS PHONE

Second phase was 2010 - 2015 when only 5 apps was made for WP7 and WP8. This phase the company was less visible in marketing/apps. All focus was directed internally on creating more efficient systems and tools for running a company that makes apps. Systems for accounting, handling support, handling betas, systems for language in the apps, and other tools was created.


With Windows 10 the world changes for a developer like me, who has specialized on C#.Net, now I can run the same app on PC, tablets and phones, and even chose to customize parts for phone or PC if I so wish.

Going forward, the goal for Gydar Industries is to become truly good Windows 10 design and tools so I can make apps that look good on phone, tablets and PCs. Apps that work seamless between phone, tablet and PC.
And to be more productive so more apps are churned out the next few years...time will show... :)


Ronny Gydar Gydar Industries is really just one guy, Ronny Gydar, doing what he love day in and day out.

My goal has always been, to make great apps and games. Making money will always be a second priority.
One can not live on passion alone, so in the daytime I work at Winorg AS, where I also get some much needed human-interaction :)
While my evenings and weekends are typically spent with Gydar Industries.

I have one other passion other than making apps and that is Sled Dogs Snowskates which I co-founded. I am less involved with Sled Dogs due to my own stuff, but I love the product and participate on events when I can.
And sometimes I manage to combine my two passions.

For more info about how I started all this you can read the interview I gave to Windows Central in 2011.