Gydar Industrial Corporation is a well-known supplier of the INCONEL 800H pipe. We are making pipes for industrial as well as domestic use. Pipe-we manufacture is as per the national and international standard quality. Pipes are made in different forms, length as well as thickness to meet the demands of the customers. INCONEL 800H pipe and its HT grade are two separate solid solutions that are strengthened by iron, nickel, and chromium. They are offered as a dual certified alloy that meets the chemical composition of both the alloy. The main difference between 800h and 800ht is a restricted aluminum as well as titanium in 800ht that offers high creep as well as stress rupture property.

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Alloy 800h, as well as 800ht, is considered superior to base alloy 800. Alloy 800h/ht has excellent resistance to carburization, oxidation as well as sulfidation. High nickel content in this alloy enhances resistance to nitriding. This alloy is used in applications where there is long term exposure to high temperature is involved. Heat treatment as well as the power generation industry is where INCONEL 800HT pipe is used. Other application where this alloy is used is superheater as well as reheater, header, pigtail, and sheathing. Also, it is used in pressure vessel components, boilers, etc. We carry out testing of each pipe to ensure they are error-free. Some of the tests we perform is a micro-test, macro test, hardness test, pmi test, tensile test, pitting corrosion test, etc. Test certification is offered to customers like third party test report.

As this alloy is resistant to mineral acids and reducing media and so it is used in various other applications. Also, INCONEL 800H pipe is used in the ethylene furnace quench boiler, pulp and paper industry, petrochemical industry, oil refineries, food processing, thermal plants, chemical processing, power plants, marine applications, etc. INCONEL 800HT pipe is long-lasting as well as durable. It offered in different types such as erw, efw, seamless, and welded. The ends of these pipes are treaded, beveled or plain. Forms of pipe we offer are round, rectangle, u shape, and square. We also customize these pipes in different lengths and thicknesses.

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  • Specifications : ASTM B407, A358 / ASME SB407, SA358
  • Dimensions :ASTM, ASME and API
  • Outside Diameter : 1.250″ – 6.000″ (30-150mm)
  • Size : 15"NB – 150"NB
  • Type : Seamless / ERW / Welded
  • Length : Single Random, Double Random & Cut Length.
  • Form : Round, Square, Rectangular etc
  • End : Plain End, Beveled End, Treaded
Incoloy 800H/800HT Round Pipes

Round Pipes

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Incoloy 800H Round Pipes, Incoloy N08800/N08810 Round Pipes Manufacture, Incoloy 1.4958/1.4859 Round Pipes Exporter, Incoloy 800HT Round Piping, Incoloy 800H Round Pipes Supplier in Mumbai India.

Incoloy 800H/800HT Rectangular Pipes

Rectangular Pipes

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Incoloy 800H Rectangular Pipes, Incoloy N08800/N08810 Rectangular Pipes Manufacture, Incoloy 1.4958/1.4859 Rectangular Pipes Exporter, Incoloy 800HT Rectangular Pipes Supplier in Mumbai India.

Incoloy 800H/800HT Square Pipes

Square Pipes

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Incoloy 800H Square Pipes, Incoloy N08800/N08810 Square Pipes Manufacture, Incoloy 1.4958/1.4859 Square Pipes Exporter, Incoloy 800H Square Piping, Incoloy 800HT Square Pipes Supplier in Mumbai India.

Incoloy 800H N08810 1.4958 Z8NC32-21 X10NiCrAlTi32-20 NCF 800H NA 15(H) ЭИ670 XH32T
Incoloy 800HT N08811 1.4959 - X8NiCrAlTi32-21 NCF 800HT NA 15(HT) ЭИ670 XH32T
Grade Ni Fe Cr Cu Ti Al C Mn S Si
Incoloy 800H 30.0-35.0 39.5 min 19.0-23.0 .75 max .15-.60 .15-.60 .05-.10 max 1.5 max .015 max 1.0 max
Incoloy 800HT 30.0-35.0 39.5 min 19.0-23.0 .75 max .25-.60 .85-1.20 .06-.10 max 1.5 max .015 max 1.0 max
Density Melting Point Tensile Strength Yield Strength (0.2%Offset) Elongation
7.94 g/cm3 1350-1400 ℃ Psi - 75,000 , MPa -520 Psi - 30,000 , MPa - 205 30 - 35 %
Incoloy 800 Pipe Types Out diameter Wall thickness Length
NB Sizes (in stock) 1/8” ~ 8” SCH 5 / SCH 10 / SCH 40 / SCH 80 / SCH 160 Upto 6 Meters
Incoloy 800 Seamless Pipe (Custom Sizes) 5.0mm ~ 203.2mm As per requirement Upto 6 Meters
Incoloy 800 Welded Pipe (in Stock + Custom Sizes) 5.0mm ~ 1219.2mm 1.0 ~ 15.0 mm Upto 6 Meters
Pipe O.D.
Wall Thickness of Tube (inches)
.028 .035 .049 .065 .083 .095 .109 .120
Working Pressure (psi)
1/8 7900 10100
1/4 3700 4800 7000 9500
5/16 3700 5400 7300
3/8 3100 4400 6100
1/2 2300 3200 4400
3/4 2200 3000 4000 4800
1 2200 2900 3400 3900 4300
800H Inconel pipes with different sizes
US $3.8-5 / Kilogram (FOB Price)
800H Incoloy pipe
US $500-2000 / Ton (FOB Price)
Incoloy gr 800H/800HT pipe
US $1-9999 / Kilogram (FOB Price)
Prime quality 800H/800HT Incoloy Pipe
US $2000-3000 / Ton (FOB Price)
diameter Incoloy Pipe GR 800H/800HT
US $3400-11000 / Ton (FOB Price)
grade 800H Incoloy quality pipe
US $3000-8000 / Metric Ton (FOB Price)
Incoloy pipe 800H/800HT
US $500-2000 / Ton (FOB Price)
800H/800HT steel pipe
US $800-1800 / Ton (FOB Price)
pipe Incoloy 800H/800HT
US $1-100 / Piece (FOB Price)
800H/800HT pipe for Fluid Transportation
US $500-820 / Ton (FOB Price)
satin No.4 No.8 800H/800HT pipe hot sale!!!
US $2000-6500 / Ton (FOB Price)
Incoloy 800H/800HT rectangular pipe
US $1500.00-$5000.00 / Kilogram (FOB Price)
Incoloy 800H/800HT pipe manufacturer
US $850-2200 / Metric Ton (FOB Price)
800H Incoloy piping
US $850-2200 / Metric Ton (FOB Price)
Incoloy Pipe
US $2500-4100 / Ton (FOB Price)
Incoloy 800H/800HT pipe
US $500-1000 / Ton (FOB Price)
Prime quality 800H/800HT Incoloy pipe
US $2000-3000 / Ton (FOB Price)
800HT polished Incoloy pipe
US $40-120 / Kilogram (FOB Price)
grade 800H/800HT Incoloy Square pipe
US $1.5-9 / Kilogram (FOB Price)
800H Incoloy pipe
US $3000-6000 / Metric Ton (FOB Price)
Incoloy grade 800H/800HT pipe
US $2100-2400 / Ton (FOB Price)
800H Incoloy round pipe
US $2000.00-$3000.00 / Ton (FOB Price)

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